About Me

I am a 27 year old IT Specialist currently working at Futurice. I have been a technology enthusiast ever since very young age. I started playing with Linux when I was 13 years old (around year 2002). A couple of years later I got interested in servers, so I installed Apache 2 on my machine. Since then I have been experimenting with various other server software as well. On 2009 I changed my main computer to OS X, but at least one of my computers has been running Linux since 2005.

After high school, in 2008, I applied to Helsinki University of technology to study computer science. I got in, but first I had to complete the mandatory military service, so I spent one year in North Karelia brigade and got the rank of Reserve Sergeant. I got out of the military on the summer of 2009 and started at Helsinki university of technology a month later. Later the school merged with Helsinki School of Economics and University of Art and Design Helsinki and changed its name to Aalto University.

On 2012 I took a side job as a course assistant at Aalto University. Since then I have assisted on many networking courses and done research for the university. This has given me precious work experience but unfortunately my studies have been delayed at the same time.

I finished my master's thesis in the end of 2015 and graduated from Aalto University in the beginning of 2016.

In the summer of 2015 I got a summerjob at Futurice as IT Specialist and have been working there ever since. As a member of internal IT team I do everything ranging from user support to maintaining servers and networks and developing internal services.

I am always eager to learn new things and easily get bored with repetitive tasks. I like to constantly tinker with new technologies, so I know at least basics of many currently used technologies. I consider this wide variety of knowledge as one of my greatest aspects, as it gives me excellent starting point when learning new technologies.

Contact Details

Kimmo Ahokas
Rantakartanontie 6 F 220
00910 Helsinki

+358 50 533 1351


This is the general version of my resume. I hope you can find all the important details of my education and work history here.


Aalto University School of Science

Master of Science (Technology) 2014 - 2016

I graduated as a Master of Science (Technology) in the beginning of 2016. The subject of my Master's Thesis was "Load balancing in LTE core network with OpenStack clouds: Design and implementation". The thesis can be downloaded from here.

Aalto University School of Science

Bachelor of Science 2009-2014

I graduated as a bachelor of technology from Aalto University in the spring of 2014. I wrote my bachelors thesis in Finnish on topic "Mobiilien tietoliikennejärjestelmien emulointi" (Emulation of mobile communications systems). You can find the thesis here.



It Specialist June 2015 - Present

As an IT Specilialist my main responses are our servers and networks. Our infrastructure is made to provide good working environment for all of our employees and everything needs to run smoothly so everyone can concentrate on their job.

Internal user support is also part of my job. That includes ensuring people have the tools they need for their daily work and resolving various technology problems daily.

Aalto University School of Science

Course assistant / Research assistant January 2012 - May 2015

I've been working in the Data Communications research group as a course assistant and research assistant. As a course assistant I have designed and evaluated assignments and exams on multiple networking-related courses. Helping students with assignments has been part of the job as well.

As a research assistant I have worked on two different projects, first on mobile network emulation with Android platform. I also wrote my bachelor's thesis on this subject. The second research topic I have been involved with is network functions virtualization on OpenStack platform. This research will be a large part of my master's thesis.

Nokia Siemens Networks

Seasonal trainee May 2011 - August 2011

I was part of a deployment team and my task was to maintain, improve and develop a software deployment framework for Linux based IP networking platform. The practical work was mainly writing little Python and Bash scripts.

Positions of trust

Tietokilta ry

Member of the board January - December 2013

I was a member of the board in Tietokilta ry (Computer Science guild) for the year 2013. My responsibility area was study politics. Tietokilta ry is the student organization for computer science students in Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology). The main purpose of Tietokilta is to supervise its members’ interests in university and to arrange events for members. Tietokilta has about 700 members.


I am mostly interested in cloud computing and back-end server systems. I have experience with various server software and cloud platforms, such as OpenStack, Apache, nginx and lighttpd. From operating systems I'm most familiar with OS X and Linux. I don't consider myself a developer, but I can get work done using Python, C and Java. I'm also familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

There is an endless list of terms I could add here but I consider that pointless. Programming languages are just tools and learning new languages is always a fun experience. However, I know that mastering new language requires lot of effort and time. I am confident that I can learn to use any required tool within a reasonable amount time.

Academic papers

I have written couple academic papers for various school courses. The papers have not been officially published, but you can find them below.

Software-defined networking

Seminar paper December 2014

Abstract: Software-defined networking is a new network architecture that has attracted a lot of attention lately. SDN promises to make network devices simpler while giving network administrators better control over network and increasing network performance. This paper briefly introduces SDN architecture, related network architecture and some recent research related to SDN.

Comparison of cloud management platforms

Seminar paper May 2014

Abstract: Cloud computing allows fast and efficient resource provisioning within data centers. In large companies this can lead to significant savings, thus creating market for complete cloud platforms. In addition to commercial products, several open source cloud platforms exist. This paper compares four cloud management platforms and identifies the factors affecting future success of each of the platforms. We also estimate the future development of the cloud platform market.

Mobiilien tietoliikennejärjestelmien emulointi (Emulation of mobile communication systems)

Bachelor's thesis December 2012

My Bachelor's thesis researched different methods for emulating mobile networks for investigating application performance on mobile platforms under different network conditions. The thesis is written in Finnish.

Load balancing in LTE core network with OpenStack clouds: Design and implementation

Master's thesis November 2015

My Master's thesis explores the possibility of implementing LTE core network components as applications running on virtual machines provided by OpenStack cloud. A hybrid cloud consisting of two OpenStack instances in built and simple load balancer that automatically creates virtual machines to the most suitable cloud when requested by application is implemented to validate the use case.

Get in touch

I am an IRC addict, so fastest way to contact me is using IRC. I'm known as Kimia@IRCnet. Of course you can send me email or contact me using any of the social media services mentioned below. I will even answer to phone calls or snail mail if you prefer those contact methods.

If you happen to own a tin foil hat, I accept encrypted messages as well. My pgp key fingerprint is 90EA B70A B6B2 19DB 9F19 C9FF 59F0 3452 87B0 3479 and you can download the public key from here. The key was last updated on 16.2.2015.

Besides of that you can find me from Keybase and verify my online presence yourself.

Contact Details

Kimmo Ahokas
Rantakartanontie 6 F 220
00910 Helsinki

+358 50 533 1351